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Monday, September 9, 2013

New images in my Shop and 25% off

Hi every one I have new images in my shop.... just a quick peek... and their is a 25% coupon ... just type in  Justforyou .....

These images are all images from my own photos.... everything but the Horse Hauler was taken in the Resort where I live and from the gardens I look after.   I hope you enjoy them.    Huggz Anne

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  1. I adore the quail, I have loved them all my life according to my mom. When I was in first grade -many many years ago... I ran home after school and told mom "there's a quilt in the road!" She asked me why I didn't pick it up and bring it home... I said "it ran away." LOL Funny some of the things that are brought back to mind. Beautiful!!!!


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